Top doula tip to soothe your crying baby

birth_doula_home2As you wander the aisles of the local baby store you will quickly notice that there are literally dozens of options for contraptions to put your baby in. Some swing back and forth or front to back. Some do both. The newest model can move in virtually any direction. You can purchase a baby holding device that vibrates, bounces, plays music, has a heartbeat, warms up, has toys to grasp, or has dangling objects for baby to watch. You start to feel a little anxious, as you convince yourself that your baby will never be calm or soothed unless you provide all of this sensory stimulation.

Please put on the brakes. Right now. Stop and consider this one simple overriding truth of parenting:

Baby needs you. YOU. Pretty much, just you.

But what about all those places to put baby for soothing? Honestly, the best ones ever invented are called your Arms and Chest. You probably know how to use Arms and I bet you already own some. If you want to learn about Chest, all you need is a sturdy fabric wrap, so that Arms can take a break once in a while. The expensive ones are pretty, but honestly, a modified tablecloth would work just as well. Once baby is placed in Arms or on Chest, you will notice how well they work. You’ll probably hear less crying, Bundle of Joy will, well, sleep like a baby, and he or she will feel your skin, your touch, and your love.

The bar code for those gifts might not register on the zapper gun, but you’ll definitely know when you have received them.

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