Birth Doula Care

As your birth doula (sometimes called a labor doula), I am a trained professional who provides non-medical, judgment-free support throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, and the early postpartum period. The types of support I provide will vary, based on the individual choices you feel are best for you, your baby, and your family.

Every baby’s birth is a miracle and it is my honor to help yours be as joyful as possible.

childbirth_class_review_1I believe pregnancy and birth are natural, healthy events and should not be viewed as an illness. Your body is able to conceive, nurture, nourish, and grow a human baby, therefore, it is only logical that you are also very capable of birthing your baby. I will encourage you to understand the process and make informed decisions about how that birth might look for you.

I have experience with hospital, birth center, and home births. My support is beneficial for all births, including natural, unmedicated, induced, waterbirth, high risk, epidural managed, VBAC, scheduled surgical birth, adoption placement, surrogacy, young parents, single parents, or nearly any other possibility. Direct communication via ASL is available for clients who are Deaf.

My Doula Care Includes:

  • Two prenatal meetings
  • Unlimited email, text, and phone support throughout your pregnancy and postpartum period
  • Continuous labor support, including birth photography
  • Immediate lactation assistance
  • One postpartum follow-up meeting
  • Cost for birth doula support: $950

Doula Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy I will provide evidence based information regarding your birth options. My role is to educate, clarify, and support you as you work with your care provider to ensure a healthy outcome for you and your baby. I can help you navigate through the abundance of pregnancy related information so that you will clearly understand your options at each step of pregnancy and birth planning. We will have two prenatal meetings to discuss your birth choices and how I can support you in achieving the type of birth you desire.

birth_doula_review2“We felt an immediate connection at our first meeting with Cheryl, and that trust rapport was established instantly.”
-Ha L.”

Doula Care for Birth

birth_doula_support_massageDuring labor, I will join you, or you and your partner, when you are ready for in-person support. We will work as a team to provide you with physical comfort measures, relaxation activities, information clarification, and abundant emotional support! My experience and intuition serve me well in anticipating your needs and responding accordingly. I will support your partner in supporting you, as both of you participate in bringing your baby into the world.

Creating a positive, calm, and trusting environment may enhance your ability to progress through labor more easily.

Doula Care for your New Family

birth-doula-dadsImmediately following your baby’s birth, as circumstances permit, I will take photographs of you and your brand new family. I will try my best to capture the highlights of the first one to two hours after birth. These treasured images will be edited and given to you in electronic form for you to do with as you choose. I will also be there to assist, as needed, as you and your baby initiate breastfeeding. Some babies may need just a little encouragement to do what they already instinctively know!

birth-doula-review“Cheryl was great at knowing when to step in and when to give us time alone as a new family.”
-Marcella F.”

During the first week or so after your baby’s birth, we will meet one more time for our postpartum follow-up. This will be a great time to process your birth experience and ask any questions you might have. I will also provide you with any resources you might need at that time. And if you invite me to do so, I would really enjoy just a quick newborn snuggle!


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