The Birth of Dads


Giving birth is transformational for women. Ask any woman about how her life and perspective changed after the birth of her first child and she will gladly share a long story of how it all unfolded. She’ll share that she experienced nearly every human emotion possible, including fear, doubt, pain, regret, excitement, happiness, joy, and… Read more

Doula Thyself

Back in the time when dentists didn’t have TVs, headphones for listening to music, or even suction tubes, I was a child with very bad teeth. My older brother and sister never had a single cavity, but for some reason, I had enough for all three of us. And so I went to the dentist… Read more

Today I Stink at Being Me

Some days I’m pretty awesome. Really. At the end of the day I give myself a pat on the back because I managed to accomplish all the things on my to-do list, plus a few more. I look at those little check marks in the boxes I drew next to each item with great satisfaction… Read more

What you really need for baby

You walk around Big Box Baby Store with that high tech gadget in your hand, ready to zap all kinds of nifty Stuff to put on your registry for your baby shower. As fun as that might seem at first, the reality may prove to be just a little daunting as you peruse the long… Read more

Top doula tip to soothe your crying baby

As you wander the aisles of the local baby store you will quickly notice that there are literally dozens of options for contraptions to put your baby in. Some swing back and forth or front to back. Some do both. The newest model can move in virtually any direction. You can purchase a baby holding… Read more

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