Breastfeeding Classes and Support

Although breastfeeding is an ideal method of feeding your baby, the reality of doing it may not always seem ideal. But the great news is that most challenges can be overcome with appropriate support. It’s also important to understand that each breast- or chestfeeder/baby pair is unique and it may take time to develop as a breastfeeding team. To assist in making your lactation experience a positive one, I offer two options to meet your needs. Lactation support can be provided via American Sign Language (ASL).

Breastfeeding Education

Prior to the birth of your baby, I will present a comprehensive private class in your home. Some of the topics to be discussed include: the human milk production process, physical and emotional benefits of breastfeeding, content and quantity of a healthy milk supply, tips for initiating a good latch, frequency of feeding, options for returning to work, how to know you’re doing it “right”, and much more!

Cost: $75 for a 2-hour class


In-home Evaluation and Consultation

I will come to your home and assess your baby’s latch, positioning, and other factors that may be hindering your nursing success. After conducting an evaluation and thoroughly discussing your situation, I will make suggestions for interventions to correct the situation, and allow you ample opportunity to demonstrate the suggestions. Follow up support will be provided via phone or text. I travel to homes in the Tampa, Wesley Chapel, and Clearwater, Florida area.

Cost: $85 each home visit

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