Love Notes

Cheryl helped ease my worries…

as a first time mom before and after the birth of my baby boy. Although she was unable to attend his birth because she was very sick, she made sure I was well taken care of, and I felt very supported. She was always very quick to respond to any of my texts and emails, and kept contact with me long afterwards. Cheryl made an extra trip out to my home several weeks after my baby was born because I was struggling. She sat with me for a couple of hours and talked through my worries and fears, helped me realize everything I was going through was completely normal, and that I was doing a great job. She answered all of my questions, helped me with breastfeeding, allowed me to cry, even helped me figure out my ring sling. The care and support she provided to me before and after my baby’s birth was wonderful, and I am so thankful I found her to be a part of my experience. -Stephanie Valentine

You need to call Cheryl.

I had a terrible first birth experience at a local birth center that resulted in hospital stays for both me and my baby. It was traumatic and took a long time to recover, both physically and emotionally.

I needed my second birth to be much, much better. So I called Cheryl.

From the very beginning, Cheryl made us feel comfortable and confident in our birth plan and was the right fit to help us through our second birth. I was nervous since I wanted a non-intervention birth in a hospital setting, but Cheryl was knowledgeable and gave us the guidance we needed to stick to our birth plan. During the birth, she was so attentive and knew when I needed help and knew when I needed to be left alone. She was comfortable and calming with the energy and motions of non-medicated labor and worked well with our nurse and doctor. She helped coach my husband to do the same.

After my son was born, she took the most beautiful photos of all of us in the room–moments we would have otherwise missed. I didn’t think I wanted photos taken, but I’m so glad we did. They aren’t gory, embarrassing shots that I can’t show people, but incredibly precious, intimate moments between mom and baby that I treasure.

It was so incredibly healing to have that natural, peaceful, low-intervention birth I had wanted for both my kids, but felt robbed of with my first. Cheryl was a huge part of that for us. I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone. -Elizabeth Mills

Cheryl has a calming aura about her…

that benefitted my husband and me before and during the birthing experience. From braiding my hair upon request, to playing Native American flute music, she knew just what to do to create a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. She even photographed the birth and visited us afterward at home. If we had another baby, we would definitely hire her again. Also, if you have a chance, check out her birthing classes, as they are entertaining and very informative. -Amanda Tilly

Hiring Cheryl was one of the best choices we have made.

Cheryl was one of the few doulas we had interviewed and we felt an immediate connection at our first meeting with her. This was our first baby and we knew that we wanted a natural birth without any medical interventions, at the same time, we were nervous and decided that it was ideal for us to use the support of a doula. Cheryl was always informative. She would meet up with us and give us beneficial information, providing guidance through the whole process of labor. I had a birth plan and she really paid attention to the details.

She was always easy to get ahold of and that trust rapport was established instantly. She showed up within the hour after I was in the hospital and was there every minute, not only providing support to me but also to my husband until our baby was delivered. After we had our baby, she would check up on us still and made me feel like I have made a friend through the process. I recommend Cheryl, without any reservations, for anyone expecting, especially new parents. Thanks so much for all you do, Cheryl. -Ha Le

Her calming spirit and words helped me stay focused…

Cheryl was such a blessing to my husband and me during the birth of our 3rd child. I was ready to go into this delivery without any drugs/medication for the first time:) My mind was set and Cheryl was a huge part of my success. She not only encouraged me, but my husband as well. I felt more prepared than ever when the time finally came. During the delivery process, Cheryl was able to relieve my back labor and help guide my husband in the right direction. Her calming spirit and words helped me stay focused during delivery and she was able to take pictures of one of the most beautiful moments in our lives. I love every month, even after our son was born, she sends a happy birthday message and is still involved in our lives. I would highly recommend Cheryl Waterbury and will use her again in the future. -Holli Schmidt

Cheryl gave me such peace of mind…

My first baby was a preemie, after having been on hospital bed rest for 3 weeks… I needed a healing delivery after everything I had gone through.

… During our first meeting with Cheryl, I gave her a LONG list of everything I wanted, and didn’t want. (I was VERY anxious.) She took it, and honestly read it. When we began our one-on-one birthing class, Cheryl was able to recall what it was that I was looking for and explained everything to me in a way so that I was comfortable.

As the weeks got closer, I became more and more anxious. She was always a phone call away. There were often times she would check in with me to make sure I was doing okay.

…She showed up at the hospital ready to go. She relaxed me, encouraged me. She did all these things for my husband as well. I couldn’t have done it without her. Everything went perfectly! I had the exact birth that I wanted. No I.V., birthed in my choice of positions, pushed when I wanted, etc. I needed this healing after what happened with my first. Oh, and the pictures! I have the best pictures of meeting my little girl for the first time! I’ve never heard anyone say they liked labor, but I can honestly say, I LOVED it! Thank you Cheryl! We couldn’t have done it without you! -Emily Nicole

She was extremely calming and relaxing…

I had a wonderful experience with Cheryl as my doula. I was in the market for a doula due to my very low pain threshold. I knew it was going to be a hospital birth, but I was hoping it was going to be a natural birth without an epidural. Although I did not think I could make it without one, I wanted Cheryl there to help me through and decide if having one would be beneficial. She was awesome to meet with before our birth and tell her what we had planned, our thoughts, etc. She was there at a moment’s notice when we went into labor and stayed with us for almost 24 hours during our very long labor. She tried many different positions, maneuvers, etc in order to move the baby down, in hopes of avoiding a C-section. She was also there to interpret things noted by the doctors in terms I could understand.

While we ended up having to have a C-section, I felt very confident that the doctors had, in fact, tried everything possible before resorting to a C-section because Cheryl was with us the entire time and agreed that it was the last resort since baby was just not moving into position. She was extremely calming and relaxing throughout the entire process. She even checked on us again at the hospital and took some amazing pictures!

Our postpartum visit was bittersweet, since it was our last visit (for this baby anyway!) but exciting since we had our baby boy here and healthy. Also of note, she helped tremendously with breastfeeding after the baby arrived; in person, via text message, phone calls, etc. It was a wonderful experience having her with us through the journey and wouldn’t have chosen any other way! -Jillian Anderson

Cheryl was very accommodating and flexible…

Cheryl came to our house a few times during my pregnancy and offered to come more if I felt the need. She was very easy to get ahold of, whether through a phone call, text, or email. We did our breastfeeding class with her, which was very helpful. She has a lot of materials for teaching and to help with labor. Cheryl kept in contact with me throughout my pregnancy, staying updated on my doctor appointments and has checked up on me and our baby a few times since her birth.

She was comforting and encouraging throughout my labor and stayed with us after the birth until she could see we were settled in. Cheryl was great at knowing when to step in and when to give us time alone as a new family. In addition to all this, she was able to take pictures during our daughter’s birth, which our family will cherish forever.

Overall, we would love to have Cheryl at the birth of our next child and recommend her to others. -Marcella Fontan

When it was time for baby to arrive, Cheryl was heaven-sent!

I had a fabulous experience with my doula, Cheryl! She was so patient and knowledgeable about everything I wanted to know. I felt comfortable and confident with my birth plan well before my due date. My family was so appreciative of her wisdom and support throughout my labor. She was well-prepared with many “tricks up her sleeve” to provide a loving environment in the delivery room. She assisted me with different labor positions, birthing ball, massage, cold compress for my face, etc. I was able to surprise myself and have a natural birth without an epidural. She made the entire experience such a positive one! In addition to her services as a doula, she provided photography of my son’s birth. I now have precious memories, captured through her pictures, of his first few minutes of life. I am so grateful!

I recommend Cheryl’s doula services to every mommy-to-be! In fact, this summer Cheryl will be assisting my best friend with the birth of her first son. Thank you so much, Cheryl! We love you! -Kristin Bram

My husband and I found Cheryl to be very professional and well informed.

I felt comfortable with Cheryl during our first phone conversation… We had numerous questions leading up to the birth and we felt that Cheryl addressed all of them in a timely manner and helped us feel more comfortable and confident in our decisions. I liked the way that she helped me consider different perspectives when addressing my questions. This helped me understand the pros and cons when making decisions for the birth plan regarding pain medication, relaxation techniques and care instructions for the baby after the birth.

When the time came, Cheryl was a calming presence and I was touched by her sweet manner of comforting me. I was grateful to see her at the hospital! However, what I found to be just as valuable were the photos that she took when my family members met our daughter for the first time. I will treasure these pictures as much as I treasure the memories I have of the birth and the part that Cheryl played in making everything a success!

Now that our daughter is here, I find myself missing the regular correspondence I had with Cheryl. I am happy to recommend her to others! -Andrea Castillo

She had a relaxed demeanor which allowed me to not feel stressed.

I was very pleased with the services provided by Cheryl. She was very willing to be very involved or step back as the occasions arose (even getting wet as she provided counter pressure for my back in the shower!). I was thankful that if she didn’t know the answer she would research it and helped me think through decisions. She was a great asset during my pregnancy & labor; I would work with her again! -Carl and Alyssa Fisher

She always seemed to know exactly what I needed when I needed it

I instantly liked her just from her email and phone responses and when we met in person we knew she was the one for us. I like to say that it’s like having your best friend’s mother at your birth. She is not exactly your mother, which eliminates some of that nervous “mother” anxiety that you don’t want, but on the other hand you have that feeling that she really cares for you and has your best interest in mind. There were times during my labor that I felt a reassuring hand on my forehead or on my arm and it felt like my own mother calming me.

She helped my husband help me in a way that let him feel empowered during a time when I know he felt helpless. She was also the sole reason I could talk the next day! She helped me find a humming technique that allowed me to work through the pain of natural childbirth without destroying my voice. My labor never stopped for 12 straight hours and neither did she. She always seemed to know exactly what I needed when I needed it, whether it be a suggestion on how to position myself, a cold compress or a drink to stay hydrated. She knew what I needed more than I did!

She kept encouraging me when I felt like giving up and when I felt really scared, just seeing her smile at me with some kind words of wisdom gave me such a sense of relief that everything was truly alright. That is what makes hiring a doula (hiring Cheryl for us!) so worth it; knowing that you are in good hands during such a special time. Our daughter is 7 months old now and we still keep in touch with Cheryl. She sends us a “Happy x month day” each month and checks up on us. I definitely plan to call Cheryl again for our next one and I/we highly recommend her to anyone having a baby, whether in a hospital or birthing center, natural or not. You won’t regret it! -Britten, Chris, and Audrey Rae Featherston

She provided everything that we needed and nothing that we didn’t.

Cheryl was a great doula. She was always in the right place at the right time but never overstepped any boundaries. She took amazing pictures at my sons birth, as well. She really made the effort to get to know my family ahead of time so that on delivery day we were very comfortable with her presence. -Catherine Morris

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